Hello everyone!

Here comes the last episode of World in (Stop)Motion! A conclusion to our Europe tour, and the first edition of this little animated series. We made 10 episodes, out of 10 wonderful workshops with very different but always very motivated groups!

This week, we fly to Thessaloniki, where was shot the episode “Ruined Picture“. We are very proud to announce that all the episodes will be shown there for the first time on a big screen, in TAF festival!

Of course, they all stay visible on this website! We hope that you’ll have as much pleasure watching them that we had making them!

(Click on the picture to watch the episode!)

Thank you again to all of you who followed us, helped us, supported us… and see you very soon!

Hello everyone!

Since the last episode we posted at the very beginning of this year, World in (Stop)Motion (aka WISM) fell into a big silence…

Today, we are happy to show you our Greek episode freshly finalized. You can discover it by cliking on the picture below!

We also take advantage of the opportunity to wake up the project put on hold, and to give you some fresh news.

Because despite this long break, we didn’t say our last word yet! After the Greek episode posted today, we still have two more episodes to reveal, made in Italy and in France.

We want to apologize about this long silence to the three groups of participants who waited so long the result of their work, and also to all of you who supported and/or followed the project.

Actually, as we posted in January the episode we just made in Bilbao, we were at the very end of our route. We started heading north while the nights were getting colder and colder in our little van… And finally ended up back to Brussels, where we left from nine months earlier.

But settle down again in a city obviously means finding a new flat, a new appartment, a new rhythm of life after those nine months of wandering…

So, we have to admit it, we had trouble finding time to dedicate to WISM.

From the beginning of 2018, we have been for instance actively developing Chloé’s new short film project: an immersion in the scandalous and spotty world of adolescence, still made of light switch, plugs and so on.

Simultaneously, Violette has been working from February as an animator on Aude Ha-Leplège’s short film, Saigon sur Marne.

We are really happy and motivated by those new projects, and it is clear that they definitely keep us busy. But we are just starting to find our cruising speed in all those novelties, and WISM is gently taking back its place in all of this.

Arthur (Mr Sound) put himself back on the track with us: so today, WISM is ready to start again, and we will do our best to end everything on a high note!

On the programme: completing the Italian and French episode, but also finishing the crowgfunding rewards (no no, we don’t forget you!!), including a DVD gathering all the episodes.

For those who would be interested, we also wrote a small text (to read here) to talk about our impressions and conclusions about this first edition of WISM.

As you will have realized, with our new projects, we won’t immediately get back on the road with Gaïa. But we had such a beautiful experience with this project that we don’t intend to give it up either. So we keep all of this in a corner of our heads for the future…

Anyway, there is one thing we can tell for sure: we are infinitely grateful to each one of you: for each supporting act, for each encouraging word, for each time you watched one of our episodes; for all the helping hands, the warm welcomings, the unpredicted meetings, the ones that were planed but yet surprising; for all the involvment and enthusiasm in the contributions to the episodes; for such an amount of kindness, everywhere, always!

So once again, a huge THANK YOU!

And see you very soon for the rest…


To celebrate this new year, we shortly put aside the Greek and Italian episodes (still in process of sonorisation), to share with you this very last video made at the end of December in Bilbao, with DigiPen students!

We wish you all a very happy new year, and again a huge thank you to all of you who supported us in this busy year 2017!


Presentation of our project in Athens

During our stay in Athens, we had a really nice experience in a youth center for refugees. We originally wanted to make a workshop with them, but unfortunately we couldn’t make it. But we decided to come and meet them anyway, so thanks to a really enthusiastic team of volunteers, we made a presentation of our project to a group of children. Also a good opportunity to explain the bases of stop motion animation. We spent a very nice afternoon and we hope they did too! We would like to thank Eleonora Goussiari and the Network Youth Center for this invitation. Thank you also to the two other stop motion animators present that day, Yannis  Dimitris !


Some news!

Hello everybody!

Some news from WISM team in this beginning of winter…

We are in Genova in Italy, where we are enjoying what remains of sun and warmth. However, it’s starting to get really cold in our small van, and this means that the end of our trip is slowly approaching. Still there is one last step, not really on the way but which unexpectedly pushed itself on our route : Japan! Violette’s film got an award in Osaka, and it’s en invitation that can’t be declined.

Apart from that, you probably notticed that our publications are not really regular nor instantaneous… But our project keeps on along our trip, and we still have 3 episodes to reveal, waiting to be completed and sonorized. The danish episode should arrive very soon, then a greek and italian will follow. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of some of our working sessions along the way!

New episode!

A new episode is online! Made during Annecy festival with AAA, it is also the first episode which sound design and music have been made by our great new collaborator, Arthur Troch!

Also, we are in the South! (Sorry for Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo for having picked a too old map…)

Call for workshops!

Hello everyone! 
We are now in Slovakia, and going south to Greece soon. We have a few workshops planed in some structures around the Mediterranean Sea, but we would really enjoy completing this list with some unformal groups of people, outside of any particular organization. So if you have friends or family somewhere in Greece, Italy or any country inbetween, who would enjoy taking part in our project, please let us know!
You can contact us by email or on Facebook.
We hope to hear from you soon!